Pizza & Wine Pairing

4 types of pizza: Vegetable, Salmon & Cream Cheese, Sausage & Pepperoni, Mushroom

$35 per person, best with 4 or more people

Which wine goes with vegetables?  Does red wine compliment salmon? What should I serve with spicy meats? With mushrooms? With tomato sauce? Pairing wine and food is complicated.  We simplify it for you through a tasting of 6 wines with 4 different pizza toppings. An educational experience sure to excite your taste-buds. For 2 people we serve  3 pizza toppings.

FOR RESERVATIONS call 415-215-9540 or e-mail

What people have been saying about the Pizza & Wine Pairing:

"I cannot tell you just how enjoyable our time with you actually was. I am struggling to find appropriate words to describe our experience. But let me say that we did not consider ourselves novice wine drinkers before we came to you, but now I know we actually were. We truly feel that we now have a MUCH better understanding of the wines and how they pair with different types of food than we did before our visit. Thanks again so much!"  -Steve

"Five Stars! The wines are excellent plus the bonus of meeting the winemaker made our experience. Peter Spann introduced each wine and varietal, it is what wine tasting is supposed to be!"  -Elizabeth