Spann Vineyards Red Wines

Betsy's Backacher Red, Lot 12

48% Merlot, 39% Syrah, 6% Malbec, 10%, 3% Cabernet Franc,

2% Cabernet Sauvignon, 2% Sangiovese

Named after our mountainside vineyard, this was originally made as a special treat for our friends and family members who helped us during harvest. The perfect getting-off-of-work red wine, this is great by itself or with barbeque, pizza or other richly flavored foods.

$18 per 750ml bottle

Cabernet Franc, Amador County 2013

"Seven Barrels"  100% Cabernet Franc
Cabernet Franc is the smoother, more refined parent of Cabernet Sauvignon. It's not quite as heavy, dark or tannic as its child but has a beautiful raspberry and rose petal aroma and more mid-palate richness. Cabernet Franc is traditionally blended with Cabernet Sauvignon to give it smoother edges and add marvelous aromatics but we also love it by itself. This wine is enjoyable now and will continue to grow in complexity for at least 5 years after the vintage date. Try this with pork, lighter red meat dishes, game birds or salmon. 

Only 168 cases produced    $37.00 per 750ml bottle

Cabernet Sauvignon, Mayacamas Range 2014

"This is a lovely, medium-bodied wine offering pure and richly flavored black currant and cassis mountain fruit. Aged 27 months in French oak, it is nicely integrated and refined in character and has a long pleasant finish. 92 points 

International Wine Review - March 2018

Cabernet Sauvignon 75%, Malbec 12%, Cabernet Franc 7% & Petit Verdot 6%

This comes from our estate vineyard at 1700 feet of elevation in the Mayacamas Mountains of Sonoma Valley and grapes purchased from several neighbors. Aged 2 1/2 years in French oak barrels, this wine has a marvelous red cherry aroma with wonderful richness, balance and a long, elegant finish.

Only 360 cases produced    $40.00 per 750ml bottle

Cabernet Sauvignon, Cross Creek Vineyard, Moon Mtn District 2012

"Three Barrels"   100% Cabernet Sauvignon

This single vineyard wine is from a 3 acre site at the very top of the Mayacamas Mountains, perfectly situated on a western facing slope.  Most of the wine from this vineyard goes into our Mayacamas Range Cabernet Sauvignon but we reserve the best three to bottle as our best wine.  A scarce 74 cases were made.

$65.00 per 750ml bottle

The Classic Four, Sonoma County 2013

"This is a big wine with fresh fruit and concentrated flavors, beautifully integrated with toasted oak and spice. However, the tannins are firm and somewhat dry and the finish is of medium length. 91 points"

International Wine Review - March 2018

Cabernet Sauvignon 52%, Merlot 20%, Malbec 10%, Cabernet Franc 9% & Petit Verdot 9%

This Bordeaux-style blend is for people who love the black currant richness of Cabernet Sauvignon but not the rough tannins that go along with it.  We blend in Merlot, Malbec and Cabernet Franc to both cover over this roughness and add red cherry and raspberry complexities, lush mouth-feel and firm backbone.  Designed for near-term enjoyment, this will also gain in complexity over the next 3 to 5 years.  

$30 per 750ml bottle

Malbec, Sonoma County 2014

"This Malbec, which is blended with 15% Merlot, displays fresh and vibrant candied dark red fruit. It has a silky texture, accessible tannins, good acidity and a persistent finish with lingering red fruit notes. 90+ points"

International Wine Review - March 2018

"Five Barrels"   85% Malbec and 15% Merlot

We blend this grape into our Cabernet Sauvignon to add mid-palate richness, but since Malbec is so rich and delicious by itself, we chose a few of the best barrels to bottle as a single varietal wine. This Rubenesque wine has an enticing black cherry aroma and lush, mouth-filling red and black cherry flavors. We only made 115 cases, so grab it while it lasts! 

$40.00 per 750ml bottle

Mo Jo, Sonoma County 2014

"MoJo is big and chewy on the attack, mouth filling with concentrated peppery flavors, firm dry tannins and a lingering finish. 

91 points"

International Wine Review - March 2018

Cabernet Sauvignon 34%, Malbec 33%, Syrah 23% & Petit Verdot 10%

Our top blend, combining the richness of Cabernet Sauvignon with the power of Syrah, the dark cherry flavors of Malbec and the black currant aromas of Petit Verdot is unresistable.  This combination of power and grace will get your mojo workin'. 

Only 189 cases produced    $44.00 per 750ml bottle

Mo Zin, California 2013

Zinfandel 65%, Mourvedre 13%, Syrah 12%, Petite Sirah 6% & Cinsault 4%   

This is a throwback to the way Zinfandel was made 100 years ago, as a field blend, which creates complex aromas and flavors as well as moderate alcohol (14.5%) for food-friendliness.  We recommend this with anything grilled, from salmon and ahi tuna to lamb, pork tender.

$22.00 per 750ml bottle

OMG, Sonoma County 2013

"...offers a nose of savory red currant fruit, herbs, and a hint of tobacco. It has a nice silky mouthfeel and overall refinement making it clearly among the finest cuvees from Spann Vineyards. 91 points"

International Wine Review - March 2018

"Four Barrels"  50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Merlot 

We wanted to make a wine with the richness of Cabernet Sauvignon and the smoothness of Merlot and OMG - we nailed it!  Red and black cherries to the max.  This luscious wine is silky-smooth and the rich, jammy flavors just keep on going and going...

Only 100 cases produced    $37.00 per 750ml bottle

Petit Verdot, Sonoma County 2014

"Five Barrels"   75% Petit Verdot and 25% Cabernet Sauvignon  

We traditionally use Petit Verdot to add color, aroma and authoritative structure to our Cabernet Sauvignon blend, but since this wine is so delicious by itself, we chose a few of the best barrels to bottle as a single varietal wine. This wine has a powerful aroma of black currants, black raspberry and violets with dense black fruit flavors.

115 cases produced   $42.00 per 750ml bottle 

The Powerlifter, Sonoma County 2014

"...offers concentrated dark fruited flavors with oriental spices. It is soft textured on the attack revealing good density and richness and an unctuous finish. 91 points"

International Wine Review - March 2018

75% Cabernet Sauvignon and 25% Syrah  

Betsy Spann started powerlifting to maintain muscle tone, build bone density and stay in shape; concepts that also describe this blend. Cabernet Sauvignon has dense black fruit flavors and plenty of muscle while Syrah adds curves in just the right places. The Powerlifterlifter ideally pairs with richly flavored foods. 

Only 99 cases produced    $37.00 per 750ml bottle

Primitivo, Sonoma Valley 2014

"Five Barrels"    100% Primitivo  

Primitivo is a close cousin of Zinfandel that expresses the ripe blackberry aroma and taste one expects from Zinfandel but in a more elegant manner. Rich with zesty flavors of blackberry, raspberry and spice. This is a fruit-forward, early maturing wine that will be best during the first five years from the vintage date while the fruit is fresh and vibrant.

Only 90 cases produced    $30 per 750ml bottle

S & M

"This is a lovely fruit forward blend. It offers delicious dark berry fruit with excellent acidity, firm round tannins and a big flavorful juicy finish. 90 points"

International Wine Review - March 2018

67 % Syrah and 33% Malbec

This combination is purely for pleasure, not punishment.  Syrah is lush in the mouth with black plum and licorice flavors. Malbec adds structure and a touch of black cherry. Enjoy this wine with richly flavored dishes especially beef, sausages or barbeque. 

Only 99 cases produced    $34.00 per 750ml bottle

Syrah, Smoke Vineyards, Sonoma Valley 2013

"Five Barrels"   95% Syrah & 5% Viognier

Cool climate Syrah has beautiful black plum and currant aromas and tastes with a touch of black licorice. Viognier is a very aromatic grape and blending a small amount in helps lift these aromas while also adding smoothness to the finish. Enjoy this wine with richly flavored dishes especially grilled beef, venison sort ribs, stews or barbeque. 

Only 130 cases produced   $35.00 per 750ml bottle

Zinfandel, Sonoma Valley 2013

"Four Barrels" 84% Zinfandel, 8% Syrah & 8% Petite Sirah 

Perfectly ripened, cool-climate Zinfandel grapes give this wine a beautiful raspberry and blackberry aroma and taste while Syrah adds deep color and black plum notes and enriches the mouth-feel. 

Only 104 cases produced    $30.00 per 750ml bottle