Peter Spann - The Wine Tutor

Cellar Master Peter Spann


Start your group's visit to Wine Country with a fun/educational presentation on wine basics by Peter Spann, Owner/Co-Winemaker at Spann Vineyards.

This 1-hour presentation can be done for groups up to 60 at your hotel (hotel must provide the space) or for up to 14 at the Spann Vineyards Tasting Room in Kenwood.  Cost is $280 for 14 people plus $20 for each additional person. 

There is an opportunity to purchase wine at the end of the presentation. This is recommended for your first day/night of arrival but can be enjoyed at any time.

A wine educator for 44 years, Peter has been a restaurateur, wine importer, wholesaler, retailer,

vineyard/winery owner and winemaker. He has taught on all levels from beginner to Master Sommelier candidates and can address groups of people at various levels of wine knowledge. 

Through a tasting of 7 wines he teaches: 

• How to use all 5 senses to experience wine 

• The philosophy of wine and food pairing 

• What tannin is, where  it comes from and what it does 

• The origins of our grape varieties 

• California wine history and its place in the wine world

"Intimate and entertaining tasting” 

Best Experience of the entire weekend, was our impromptu stop at Spann”. 

“The wines are excellent plus the bonus of meeting the winemaker made our experience. Peter Spann introduced each wine and varietal, it is what wine tasting is supposed to be!” 

"Stumbled upon this little gem. Every wine was delicious and affordable.”